A single by The Fray, "You Found Me" is from their second album self-titled The Fray. Originally titled "Amistad," The Fray band launched the song "You Found Me" on their website in November of 2008. "You Found Me" became the group's third single to sell two million downloads in the United States and has earned much praise by The Fray's fans.

Originally, according to one of The Fray band members, the You Found Me song was written with a lot of hate towards God. Isaac Slade states that he was tired of "the disappointment, the heartache and the let down that comes with life." Slade and the rest of The Fray band members have been struggling for the past year or so with their faith and the Fray song "You Found Me" is about keeping that faith and hope still deep inside them. The struggles of The Fray's band members' everyday life have had major influence on the song "You Found Me" and they will continue to deal with the fact that bad things happen to good people.

The "You Found Me" song pulls at the heart strings of The Fray fans. People are able to relate to the deep emotion and powerful lyrics that "You Found Me" possesses. "You Found Me" is so well done that you can feel the pain and sorrow of The Fray band members. Be sure to Buy Fray Tickets and experience the powerful emotion behind "You Found Me" live. You will never forget it!


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