Colorado based band, The Frey, formed in 2002 consisting of Issac Slade (vocals/piano), Joe King (guitar/vocals), and Dave Welsh (guitar), and Ben Wysock (drums). During the Spring of 2002 Isaac Slade and Joe King ran into each other after attending school together and began to play music one another as a past time. The jam sessions led to songs which lead to drummer Zach Johnson joining the band. Very briefly The Fray had a bass player, Caleb, Isaac's brother, however, he was asked to leave. This experience lead to the idea for the Fray's first single "Over My Head (Cable Car)." Yet another band member shift happened shortly after this, Zach Johnson left the band to attend school in New York. A former band mate of Isaac Slade, the members of the Frey asked Ben Wysocki to take his place. Although The Fray has no official bass player, Dan Lavery of Tonic has been the band's touring bassist.

Many people ask where The Fray got their name. The chose their name from a suggestion bowl which was at Caleb Slade's graduation party. The band members found the name suitable because they often fought over the composition of the lyrics in their songs. After they had all decided on "The Fray" as their band name they release an EP in 2002, "Movement EP" which was comprised of only four songs. Another EP, "Reason EP" soon followed. Denver radio station KTCL rejected eight of their songs before The Frey gave them "Cable Car" to play on their local music radio show. The station began receiving mass amounts of requests for the song and was voted ‘Best New band of 2005' by Denver's Westword. This caught the eye of Epic Records and officially signed them December 17th, 2004. Their debut album, How to Save a Life was then released in September 2005. By the end of 2005 "Over My Head (Cable Car)" was KTCL's most played song of the year.

After the success of their first single, The Fray was invited to open for Weezer, Ben Fold and then headlined their own tour starting in January 2006. Touring with The Fray were Matt Kearney and the Cary Brother. "Over My Head (Cable Car)" reached #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. While the success of their first single was happening, another song from their debut album, "How to Save a Life" was featured on It was featured on shows like Grey's Anatomy, Scrubs, Cold Case and One Tree Hill.

"How to Save a Life" was never officially released as a single, but continued to have the same amount of success as "Cable Car." The success from these singles got them spots on The Tonight Show and The Late Show with David Letterman.

The Fray released self-title follow up album in February of 2009. Once again the band teamed up with ABC and debuted their first single "You Found Me" from their follow up album during a commercial break from Grey's Anatomy that showcased scenes from the upcoming season of Lost. Following the debut of their new single, The Fray announced a small club tour around the United States. Fray tickets for this tour we extremely difficult to come by. The Fray's concert schedule has filled up quickly, they are touring arenas across the United States and Europe through the rest of 2009. Their follow up album, The Fray has sold 180,000 copies since its February release.


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